Go on a journey through abandoned lands by solving puzzles and learn the secrets of the world of Dood!


Dood : The Puzzle Planet is waiting for you!

Play through many handmade levels - from simple to deeply challenging. And get a rich, yet relaxing experience through carefully crafted puzzles. You are going to scratch your head and will need to think in a different way.

Young and old can enjoy the world of Dood likewise! No matter if kids, teenagers - even adults will find the world of Dood rich and satisfying.


    Free to play!
    Simple yet fun, addictively challenging and smart puzzles
    Explore many unique places with 60 and more levels to come! 
    Leaderboards to watch your friends!
    Easy and fun to play, yet challenging to master. Simply move your blobs and get more farms.
    Make combos to get more moves!
    Use the fireflies to create new bridges between islands
    Made a mistake? The Owl will get you back in time
    The stars have fallen. Can you bring all of them back to place?
    Black stars - Have you seen one?
    Compete with your friends - who gets the highest score? Who will beat a level with the least moves?

Love Dood? Drop us a line - We would love to hear from you! You can reach us at: love@spacemages.com

Questions and suggestions are welcome anytime. We built Dood with your input - and we improve it with your feedback as well!

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Dood is completely free to play - you can win the game without making any purchases. Some in-game items such as boosters can be bought through in-app purchases




Challenging Puzzles!


Discover all the secrets!


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